About Us

In Spring of 2010 School District 83 was approached for a pilot project with B.C. Hydro. The project was designed to study how schools can become more energy efficient and work towards a sustainable future. From previous positive experiences with BCHydro and a moral obligation to a sustainable future Dave Witt, assistant superintendent put out a call for interested teachers through out the District.

The first meeting had a representative present from every high school and middle school in the district. Already a success! After an explanation of the direction this project was hoped to take, the representatives unanimously decided it was a worthwhile cause and they would like to participate.

Fast forward 8 months later, we still have our original group of dedicated participants, we kicked off the campaign with a slogan contest(Green, Live It, Love It, Learn It)and are following it up with a logo contest, both offering great prizes, courtesy of BC Hydro.

To top it all of,we have dramatically( and measurably) reduced electricity use in all of our middle and high schools.

Here are just some of the ways we have reduced energy consumption and worked to become more sustainable:

  • Adjusted heating/cooling settigns to optimal levels
  • Lowered hallway and non-essential lighting throughout schools
  • Upgraded many of our old single pane windows
  • Created composting facilities at many of our schools
  • Worked towards better recycling programs
  • Initiated “turn-off the lights” days at many schools
  • Having computers shut down if not used for an extended period of time